Monday, August 24, 2009

C, move slowly in these 2 days please!

Oh! it's moving and moving and moving up. Almost 5% a day! another 5% tomorrow will pass the $5 dollar mark. Although I am sure it will go higher and higher given the current economic outlook and people are back to be risk-taking vs. risk-averse, my financing is not done yet so I have little to put in until Wed. So what I wish now is that C to move a bit slower until I pour my new money in it.

Why am I so sure on C? Look at their price to book value ratio. it's just 0.22 and look at HSBC (check it out yourself. promise you will have a heart attack.) And you will know how cheap C is and how expensive HSBC is. Even you bought HSBC at HK$33 (lowest in last 52 weeks), you got an extremely expensive banking stock.

If you are even more risk loving than I am, go back to my original favorite: AIG. price to book value @ less than 0.1. Real Deal!

Good luck all (including me)!


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